European Service Institute

Potenziale ausschöpfen

To support companies in exhausting their potential in the current service business and in the development of future-oriented services and business models, the European Service Institute was founded by the Fraunhofer IOSB and its partners.


The current rapid changes in the market – caused by the Internet of Things, Digitalization, and Big Data – lead to huge challenges for companies and their service areas. As a result of this change, we see great potential and opportunities to ensure the sustainability and competitiveness of companies. With you as our partner, we not only would like to react to the market changes but also actively shape the change.


The European Service Institute detects the optimization potential in the current service business and in cooperation with you develops new future-oriented services as well as successful business models. We support your company by benchmarking all relevant service KPIs against your industry as well as across industries. We show you the Best Practices in the service operation as well in the service sales area and help you to leverage market potentials.

Increasing service margins

Increasing Service Margins

Compared to the product turnover and margins, the service turnover and margins have increased above average in the last ten years. This is the case for almost all companies, especially high technology companies as well as engineering and plant construction.

This trend will increase in the coming years.

Industrialization in the service business

Best Practices

As a consequence, the service business needs to be run and managed as professionally as the product business. To achieve this, it is neccessary to build up the service with existing best practices. We are also talking about "industrialization in the service business" there.

This calls for extensive experience and expertise, especially to keep the service quality and customer satisfaction at a high level.

In the future, the service business will be the engine of company growth...

service business infographic

  • The importance of service as a turnover- and added value factor is increasing
  • It is therefore required to further professionalize the service business and to manage it independently
  • In the future, service excellence will also become indispensable as a means for differentiation and - associated therewith - customer retention

Increasing demand for qualified service staff


  • The increased significance of services is also reflected in the staff planning

  • In the coming year as well, the share of service staff will increase further

ESI sees itself as an engine of the industrialization in the service business

Industry 4.0

Simultaneously, huge challenges arise due to new trends and changes in the market.

The European Service Institute was established to help companies cope with these challenges, develop new and sustainable services, and exhaust the new potentials.

To achieve this, it is neccessary to build up the service with existing best practices.

New challenges due to trends and changes in the market

Machine to Machine communication

Developments such as the business models „pay per use“ or „managed services“ as well as the introduction of new technologies such as:

  • Machine – to – Machine communication (Industrie 4.0, Big Data)
  • Service Apps and service portals
  • Social media
  • Recommender systems
  • Augmented reality

present growing challenges for the operational service business and service sales.